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Open Data

  • What is Open Data ?
    Open data is data that is not copyrighted, can be used, edited, and distributed by anyone. Open data is aimed at transparency and participation of the state. Thanks to open data, states can also increase their productivity, both economically and socially.
  • How Should it Be ?
    There are certain rules, methods of application. We advise on how the data you have can be grouped as open data, creating data sets to be shared, and adapting the open data approach to corporate culture.
  • Creating A Data Sharing infrastructure
    There are many ways that open data can be supplied to society and the sector, but the most basic approach is to make it easy for people who will use the data to access it over the internet. In creating this technological infrastructure, we are creating an architecture with open source platforms in accordance with the Open Data philosophy. In data sharing platforms, we combine platforms such as CKAN Data Portal, Drupal Content Management System, Kong Api Gateway, Redis Caching NGINX in an architecture suitable for your enterprise infrastructure and ensure system continuity.
  • Outdated data will lose value
    At the final stage of our project, we determine how to ensure that the data we share is up to date. From data transformations to internal integrations, we integrate your data into infrastructures that can be automatically updated whenever possible. In this way, as you generate data within the organization, we ensure that this data is shared up-to-date in sets in accordance with the open data standard.