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API Management

  • What is API Management ?
    Today's software world consists of growing software systems with integrations. The most important technology that provides these integrations is API technology. Just as software develops and is managed within a lifecycle, APIs must have a lifecycle and manageability.
  • Why is Important ?
    An unmanaged integration system would interfere with spaghettification and the agility of software teams. Integration management systems with an API Gateway layer resolve the dependency that comes with integration in the Gateway layers and provide an environment suitable for software teams to make agile improvements and make radical technology transformations.

Each API develops in its own life cycle.

  • API management systems consist of two basic components. One of them is the Gateway Platform, which is the main platform, and a Portal platform with features such as a service catalog, user access interface and documentation. Different licensed software can offer applications that will feed the life cycle. This life cycle can also be improved by integrating with other systems that exist within the organization. In determining these cycle stages and supporting applications, we listen to our customers ' expectations and analyze them correctly and produce an architecture. Our team knows the characteristics of all products that are industry leaders, and this is where we come from because we are not a complete API fanatic. Each individual in our team has experience on multiple Api Gateway platforms. With this feature, we can manage the transition processes from different licensed products.

Licensing and architectural topology

  • Our team can consult on many licensed products. In Turkey, we can provide license sales and all necessary technical services of SoftwareAG webMethods API Gateway and Integration Service platform. If you are wondering why we prefer SoftwareAG when we have experience with many different products, we would like to show you the webMethods product family, a product developed with German discipline, with a short presentation.