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About Us

Digital Cosmonot is an start-up where 12 years of experience in the sector has turned into a brand. Selim Çalık, who is the pioneer of the initiative in which the experience of software development and integration platforms in the IT sector was turned into a consulting company, has been the consultant of the leading software companies in Turkey at home and abroad for many years. Among them, he has been a consultant to leading software firms such as Gartner and Forrester, IBM, Broadcom (Dec Technologies) and SoftwareAG. During his time as a consultant, he has signed projects such as Api Gateway, Enterprise Service Bus, Open Banking and open data in sectors such as banking, telecom and insurance. In addition to consulting services on licensed software systems, it also works with open source projects and communities. In particular, the area where the company's structuring strategy is focused is announced as open data portals. Apart from open data, which is the main field of activity, licensed product sales and technical consultancy services are provided in areas such as Api Gateway, ESB, Performance Monitoring. As a result of experiencing different projects in the sector for many years, the team realized the formation of the digital cosmonot. Digital Cosmonot, which makes a sharp entrance to the sector with its innovative and solution-oriented perspective, is a company that produces fast and effective solutions for AC projects that offer "Web Service Management”, “Public Banking” and" open data products". Digital Cosmonot stands out with its innovative ideas in different fields. We are proud to produce successful projects by valuing your ideas throughout the process. "Do you want your ideas to turn into products? We are here as a company that does not avoid innovation, sets aside the familiar working life of society, and continues its development with its customers without slowing down.” Stating that it owes its development to the ties with the customer, our team emphasizes the importance of being able to respond proactively to customers ' expectations. We state that the main purpose of its organization is to produce customer-oriented solutions and to provide the necessary technical support, training, installation and integration on the systems produced. "Based on the philosophy that information grows as we share, we unite to be able to do effective and proactive work. Under the same roof, we share our research and work to apply the emerging technology trends in the world in Turkey. We enjoy sharing our experiences in your projects and taking part in your problem solving process. We are aware of our potential and, as the Digital Cosmonot family, we will become a bigger team in every business we sign with you. We're not here to show who we are, but what we do and how we work.”